Our team has over 35 years of experience and includes licensed financial planners and chartered accountants. We don’t just offer generic advice; we listen to what your business needs and tailor our services accordingly, ensuring you get the best possible support.



What is an outsourced CFO?CFO outsourcing involves hiring external CFOs on an hourly, part-time, or contractual basis.

Outsourced CFOs, also known as fractional CFOs, are ideal for startups and small to mid-sized businesses that require expert advice but have a limited budget to hire a full-time finance chief.

How can Eclipse Advisory’s CFO services benefit my business?
Our CFO services can significantly enhance your business’s financial health and strategic direction. We provide insights into financial reporting, advice on cost reduction, profit maximisation strategies, and support in securing financing. Our goal is to foster your business’s growth, sustainability, and compliance with Australian financial regulations.
Is outsourced CFO service cost-effective?Outsourcing CFO services to Eclipse Advisory is a cost-effective solution for businesses seeking high-level financial expertise without the expense of a full-time CFO. Our flexible service model allows you to access tailored financial advice and support, scaling with your business needs.
How do I start with your CFO services?Just reach out to us! We’ll have a chat about what your business is all about, what challenges you’re facing, and where you want to go. Then, we’ll tailor our CFO services to match your goals, setting the stage for a successful partnership.


We can help

Some of the solutions we offer include:

  • Liaise with bankers, lawyers and accountants  – we know their language, and we are good at it
  • Develop and implement business exit strategies – always moving towards a successful exit-building capacity for the business – it’s not just about sales
  • Reliable financial reporting – it makes sense
  • Manage the key business drivers – identify, strategize, monitor and action
  • Run the accounting department – bookkeeping systems and processes R Us
  • Cash is King – short, medium and long-term cash management is critical
  • Monitor profit centres – meaningful review and assessment to keep the business on track
  • Payroll and HR headaches – we certainly know payroll, and we have experts who know HR
  • Budgets and Breakeven – these are bread-and-butter – but keeping business on track is the challenge


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