Business is demanding:  Business is dynamic. It’s challenging on a daily basis. The business owner is often caught in the detail, trials and aloneness of this landscape. Most would benefit from the support of a vice-captain or a business partner to bounce ideas off, or better still an experienced financial expert that they can lean on. This is perfectly understandable, however, only bigger companies can afford the luxury of a management team or executive support.


The Game Has Changed: The good news is that technology has come to the rescue. The digital revolution has brought a range of support services that can empower and support a business on an outsourced basis. Think about how the world has changed over the last few years.  Everything lives in the cloud now, we shop, invest and learn online and now we Zoom, Skype, Teams, WhatsApp and Messenger.

Now you can buy online the executive support you need to grow your business and secure your lifestyle, through ECLIPSE CFO.


What is an Outsourced CFO: A virtual CFO (Chief Financial Officer) is not a single person. It is a team of skilled professionals who operate collectively to provide high-level financial support and advice to the business.

The tax accountant, bookkeeper and CFO all have different key functions and responsibilities. They often have overlapping and interconnecting skills and experience. A good bookkeeper is worth every cent. These are the detail people who know the inner financial workings of the business.   They have skills, experience and offer special insights.  Likewise, the tax accountant has a strong system, compliance and strategic perspective. The challenge is how to bring this all together in the right mix to create growth, profit and security outcomes. This is the role of the OUTSOURCED CFO.


Eclipse CFO: Eclipse CFO is a bespoke package of fixed-price services tailored to your business and personal needs. The service is designed to fit in and around you, your team and your business, it can be scaled up or down over time. It is a value for money offering that is delivered by an experienced team who match the demands of each assignment with the right outsource team member to ensure operational efficiencies.


We can help


Some of the solutions we offer include:

  • Liaise with bankers, lawyers and accountants  – we know their language and we are good at it
  • Develop and implement business exit strategies – always moving towards a successful exit-building capacity for the business – it’s not just about sales
  • Reliable financial reporting – it makes sense
  • Manage the key business drivers – identify, strategize, monitor and action
  • Run the accounting department – bookkeeping systems and processes R Us
  • Cash is King – short, medium and long-term cash management are critical
  • Monitor profit centres – meaningful review and assessment to keep the business on track
  • Payroll and HR headaches – we certainly know payroll and we have experts that know HR
  • Budgets and Breakeven – these are bread-and-butter – but keeping business on track is the challenge


David Robson FCA FCPA CTA

CEO & Founder