About Eclipse

For over 35 years Eclipse CEO David Robson has prospered on the “Cutting Edge” of Business and Finance. With extensive qualifications, comprehensive and wide ranging hands-on experience, he offers a unique and potent combination of expertise and knowledge that will guarantee superior strategic advice that can really make a difference.

Welcome to Clients

On the 7th August 2017, I officially announced the launch of my new accounting, wealth and business advisory company Eclipse Advisory.

Our Vision

Whilst the digital revolution has had a major impact over the last few years the next decade will witness even more profound changes.

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History & Achievements

Eclipse Advisory has in its DNA a rich vein of professional qualifications, expertise, and experience unmatched by many others.

CEO David Robson

I find it inspiring to work closely with my clients to help them achieve their personal, family and business goals.

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Our Point of Difference

We CAN do the job! Eclipse is a full-service accounting and financial advisor practice offering a comprehensive suite of services that covers an extensive range of business and personal investment …

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Latest News

Welcome to 2021

With COVID-19 hopefully receding into the background it is time to take stock and plan for a bigger and brighter 2021. Whilst there are many obstacles and challenges ahead in the shorter term the experts believe that business and economic growth are on their way and now is the time to plan, strategies, prepare and action.

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Budget 2021-2022

BUDGET 2021-2022   A CONTINUED WIN FOR SMALL BUSINESS It is important to note that, upon reading the papers summarising the budget papers, there are two things that we look …

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Tax strategies

When can a business cease STP reporting? The ATO has identified scenarios where businesses lodging Single Touch Payroll (STP) reports is no longer necessary.   STP-enabled software allows you to …

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