It is with great pleasure that I welcome and invite new clients and friends to Eclipse Advisory, my accounting, wealth and business advisory company.  Following you will find the keystones underpinning our professional service: 


  •  Full Service

Eclipse Advisory is a full-service Chartered Accounting firm. In addition to all tax and accounting compliance services, we provide superannuation, investment and financial planning services, together with the business turnaround, profit & cash flow improvement, business & financial coaching and litigation & insolvency support services.

  •   The Team

Our well-balanced and finely-tuned team of accountants is ably managed by CPA Tom Newton, a dynamic, young, qualified accountant and financial advisor with over 10 years professional experience.  Tom is assisted by professional accountant Alyson Parsons (Masters degree qualified).  It comprises Jam and Emy who have extensive accountancy training and expertise.  The team’s success is bolstered by the administration and service players, Alyson and Pauline, both degree-qualified and with a complementary skill set of industry and client service experience.  And did we mention an impressive professional network of associates – so that there are no dark corners that Eclipse cannot shine a light into in our efforts to deliver a client experience par excellence!

  •  Agile & Dynamic

We are well-established, high-tech/low-cost, service-focused and dynamic.  We have no legacy obligations to shareholders, staff or old-style thinking.  With a “clean sheet of paper”, we are free to design and build according to best practice principles. The accounting firm of the future, firmly grounded in the present.

  •  Our Vision

Our vision is to simply provide better advice, more solutions, greater efficiency, outrageous client service, at lower prices through innovative thinking and digital technology.

  • Our Mission

Our mission is to Think Different and Be Different; to embrace digital disruption in order to find the golden nuggets of opportunity and to partner with clients in the journey forwards.

  •  Loyal Clients & Client Loyalty

Loyalty is an important part of our DNA.  We have been friends with some clients for close to 40 years.  To foster this culture of reciprocity we offer client loyalty packages including genuine discounts of between 10 and 30% for our valued clients.

  •  Onwards and Upwards

We also announce the launch of our social media campaign.  Now that we are “down the track a little” it is time to take our message to the market.


David Robson
CEO & Founder

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