Coronavirus Central was created to focus our client support services. We post communications, whitepapers, and business tools to help our clients and friends.

At this time of crisis, the business and financial community needs cost-effective, experienced, and practical financial advice. In recent times the advice profession has been deeply diminished. Advisers and experience have left the industry. If your family and friends need advice we are available to help. Any referred friend will be offered a complimentary “Welcome Consultation” on a no-obligation basis.



17.2.2021Tax strategiesWhitepaper
20.12.2020Financing changesWhitepaper
11.12.2020JobMaker Hiring CreditWhitepaper
4.11.2020Financial Safety ChecklistChecklist
04.10.2020Is your business in distress?Whitepaper
28.9.2020JobKeeper Version 2Whitepaper
4.5.2020JobKeeper Schemes GuidanceATO ruling
21.4.2020Urgent JobKeeper ActionsWhitepaper
19.4.2020Jobkeeper LegilsationTreasury
19.4.2020Jobkeeper GuidelinesTreasury
16.4.2020JobKeeper AdvancedWhitepaper
15.4.2020JobKeeper Q&AQ&A
8.4.2020Work from home expensesFact Sheet
8.4.2020Continuity PlanBusiness Plan
6.4.2020JobKeeper & Team ManagementWhite paper
6.4.2020Temporary Insolvency ReliefWhite paper
3.4.2020Family Living CostsCalculator
2.4.2020JobSeeker vs JobKeeperWhite paper
31.3.2020Jobkeeper paymentWhite paper
30.3.2020Think positiveNewsletter
26.3.2020Boost Cash Flow  White paper