52 Innovations Campaign



Business the world over face massive digital disruption and needs to evolve. At Eclipse, we recognise that we have a part to play in this evolution. And so, we need to think and be different.

Eclipse has been built on a low-cost, high-tech, outsourced model that brings “best of class” service solutions and advice. 

We have no legacy obligations to public company shareholders, overheads or staffing. We have no “old ways” and inefficiencies.

Eclipse has a unique opportunity to “start afresh” and build something for the next decade based upon 35 years’ experience and a commitment to embrace the future.


Our vision is; 

Better advice, more solutions, greater efficiency, outrageous client service, at lower prices through innovative thinking, outsourcing and technology. 

To be different we will roll out a new innovative strategy every week for the next 12 months. With “Innovation 52” we will deliver on our mission to think and be different.

For more information, you can click each innovation and experience the difference.



Innovation 1 – Loyalty discounts of between 10% and 30%

Innovation 2 – Fixed-price agreements for two years – no more “Bill Shock”

Innovation 3 – All commissions replaced by hourly rates.

Innovation 4 – Implementation of “My Fortune” technology – a first for the Central Coast

Innovation 5 – Free “Reset” planning session – catchup and planning session.

Innovation 6- Replacement of Financial Planning Dealer Group with a lower cost, flexibility and technology option.

Innovation 7 – Outsourcing to the Philippines – for selected clients.

Innovation 8 – “Robo advice” (robotic) for low-cost investing – never possible before.

Innovation 9 – “Back Office Service” – combines outsourcing and technology for client support.

Innovation 10 – “Annual AGM” – a new service capped at $400 to bring forward annual planning focus

Innovation 11 – “Wealth Watch” – a new high-tech service for personal spending budgeting and saving.

Innovation 12 – “Tech Transition” – a discounted service to help get you on the superhighway with us.

Innovation 4 – “10 for free” policy – no charge for telephone calls, we want to talk to you.

Innovation 13 – Full “Cloud-Based” – No Local server

Innovation 14 – Suite Files email management system – No more searching for lost emails.

Innovation 15 – Adoption of advanced voice recognition software – Artificial intelligence.

Innovation 16 – Skype for Business and Zoom web conferencing tools – Already used extensively.

Innovation 17 – Xero Practice Manager – Cloud-based, extends Xero, client-centric.

Innovation 18 – Free “Transition Plan” is designed to ensure not only a smooth transition but the identification of opportunities and ideas.

Innovation 18 – Adoption of cloud-based Microsoft Office 365 – multi-platform, anywhere anytime.


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